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Your Next Latte Could Be Made From Coffee Grown in a Lab


Scientists have produced the first ever lab-grown coffee, which could be the answer to deforestation. The pioneering bean-less coffee may provide an eco-friendly solution to various problems associated with our flat whites and lattes.

Rainforests and vegetation must currently be cleared due to the plants' need for sunlight, as well as the ever increasing demand for the beverage. It is believed that the average Briton consumes 3kg of coffee every year. Studies have also revealed that coffee will be significantly impacted by climate change as it will reduce the area suitable for coffee growth by 50 per cent.

However, researchers at the VTT research institute in Finland, the country which drinks the most coffee per capita, have brewed a batch with “ *** ells and tastes” like the conventional drink.

Using the leaves from a plant, Dr Heiko Rischer, the head of plant biotechnology at VTT, and his team formed cells which were then propagated and multiplied.

He said: “The idea is to use biotechnology rather than conventional farming for the production of food and, therefore,provide alternative routes which are less dependent on unsustainable practices.”

After going in a bioreactor, which carries out biological reactions, the coffee cells are then harvested before they are dried and roasted.

Dr Rischer continued: “At VTT, this project has been part of our overall endeavour to develop the biotechnological production of daily and familiar commodities that are conventionally produced by agriculture.”

“For this, we use many different hosts,such as microbes, but also plant cells. In terms of *** ell and taste, our trained sensory panel and *** ytical examination found the profile of the brew to bear similarity to ordinary coffee.”

He added: “The experience of drinking the very first cup was exciting. Growing plant cells requires specific expertise when it is time to scale and optimise the process. Downstream processing and product formulation, together with regulatory approval and market introduction, are additional steps on the way to a commercial product. That said, we have now proved that lab-grown coffee can be a reality.”

Dr Rischer predicts that in four years,production of lab-grown coffee will be approved and would have increased.

The idea that coffee cells could be used to make the beverage was first realised in 1970.



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外文全称:Earthshot Prize




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参考消息网10月19日报道 10月17日,英国威廉王子在伦敦颁发由他创设的“为地球奋斗奖”,这是该奖项设立以来首次颁奖。

“为地球奋斗奖”的英文是The Earthshot Prize, 中文则依据了该项目的中文官网。据英国广播公司(BBC)称,The Earthshot Prize借用了美国上世纪六十年代提出的登月宏愿Moonshot,时任美国总统约翰·肯尼迪表示要在十年内登上月球,宣称:We choose to go to the Moon.(我们决定前往月球。)当时这个计划被称为Moon Shot。Shot有“发射”“射击”的意思,在口语中还有“尝试”“机会”的意思。几经演变,moonshot一词进入英文词典,既指“向月球发射宇宙飞船”本身,也比喻“极具挑战的行动”。


可见,The Earthshot Prize着眼于保护环境、保护地球,而这项工作无疑难似“登月”。(编译/何金娥)


Humanity's Greatest Achievement Might Be Building Our Successorsr


Avi Loeb 阿维·洛布

If the Perseverance rover finds evidence for microbes on Mars, our self-esteem will not be affected since it is obvious that we are more intelligent than they are. But if the rover bumps into the wreckage of a spacecraft far more advanced than we ever produced, our ego will be challenged.

Illusory superiority and unjustified hubris are deeply rooted in human nature. They led the Nazi regime during World War II to trigger the death of more than 70 million people or 3 percent of the world population in 1940—an order of magnitude more than the death toll caused so far by the coronavirus.

Our own civilization might perish within centuries from now as a result of a self-inflicted global catastrophe, like another world war or climate change. If so,primitive life-forms such as microbes or even crocodiles swimming in the swamps of exoplanets might prove more prone to long-term survival than self-proclaimed “intelligent species” like ours. Given our tendency for self-destruction, we will be remembered on the co *** ic scene only if we manage to launch long-lasting relics to space before we disappear from Earth.

The recently announced Galileo Project will indeed search for extraterrestrial technological objects near Earth.This scientific research program is essential for educating us about the co *** ic reality that we live in. Our galactic neighbors will not disappear if we ignore them,in much the same way that the Earth-sun system was under no obligation to satisfy the self-centered notion of geocentri *** .

We currently have a broader perspective. Life is a self-replicating molecular organization of genetic information that emerged from a soup of chemicals on early Earth and evolved through Darwinian selection to gain an advantage relative to random processes in its environment.

Even though our roots stem from a soup of chemicals on early Earth, there should be no nostalgia attached to our beginnings nor to our current evolutionary phase. The future belongs to artificial intelligence (AI)systems that through machine learning will supersede natural intelligence. AI systems could roam through interstellar space and last longer than stars, representing the ultimate winners of Darwin's survival of the fittest. The flame of consciousness that our body carries could be transferred to AI avatars that promote our goals in the universe at large—as if they were our children.


参考消息网10月18日报道 英国《一周》周刊最近在报道美国国会讨论支出计划时用到congressional sausage-making。这是比喻,形容国会的议事过程类似做香肠,各种材料切割研磨搅拌混合,还涉及动物下水这类丑陋的东西,最后出来一个多数人能接受的结果。


在德语里,香肠叫wurst,发音如英文worst(最糟的)。由此不可避免地出现很多谐音梗。比如:Jokes about German sausage are the Wurst。Wurst此处身兼二职,既指香肠,也指差劲,可译为:德国香肠的笑话最熏(熏字跟香肠沾边,音又同“逊”)。

据说德国有1500种香肠,其中很多由地点命名,如法兰克福肠(热狗肠)、纽伦堡肠(拇指大小,通常煎着吃)、图灵根肠(最明显特征就是长)、维也纳肠等等。比较重口味的有肝肠(Leberwurst)和血肠(Blutwurst)。肝肠主要是猪肉,有少量猪肝,可用来抹面包,中国网友称其为德国超市十大难吃食物之一。血肠类似东北的杀猪菜,佐以苹果酱。英国也有血肠,名字却叫黑布丁(black pudding)。

参考消息网10月18日报道 9月20日,北京环球影城正式开园。精彩 *** 的4D骑乘(ride)游乐项目虽然让大部分游客直呼过瘾,但也有一小部分人表示吃不消(can't bear it)——其中不少是与晕动症(motion sickness)有关。

顾名思义,晕动症即各种原因引起的摇摆、颠簸、旋转、加速运动等致身体不适的统称,是人在经历真实或感知运动时做出的生理反应。它通常是感知运动的各感官感觉不一致(inconsistency)造成的,这些感官包括前庭系统(vestibular system)、视觉系统(visual system)和本体感觉系统(proprioceptive system)。简单的理解就是,当乘坐汽车时,眼睛能看到窗外的风景在移动,但人的身体静止不动,所以视觉系统和本体感觉系统向大脑发送的信号并不一致。大脑收到矛盾的信号时便产生了不适反应。



外文全称:Helios drone


背景介绍: 据俄罗斯媒体近日报道,俄罗斯已经研制成功“赫利俄斯”远程无人预警机。该机升限为1.1万米,能连续飞行30多个小时,有效载荷1000千克。


外文全称:Natalia Vladimirovna Poklonskaya